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Governance Calendar

Sailpoint Calendar Plugin


The Regatta Governance Calendar is a plug-in application for IdentityIQ (IIQ) which presents the user with a simplified view of completed, active, and planned certifications. Active certification due dates are rendered as color-coded calendar events, allowing auditors to quickly identify any, and all, upcoming certification easily and intuitively. In addition, Regatta Governance Calendar users can view certification details directly from the calendar, as well as export any calendar event to the iCalendar format for easy importation into his or her electronic calendar of choice.

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At a Glance

  1. Calendar navigation keys:
    • Previous (<) - Navigates the calendar back one month/week/day
    • Next (>) - Navigates the calendar forward one month/week/day
  2. today button - Moves the calendar to current month/day/week
  3. Info icon - Clicking this icon launches the About Regatta Governance Calendar dialog
  4. Monthly view button - Renders the monthly calendar view
  5. Weekly view button - Renders the weekly calendar view
  6. Daily view button - Renders the daily calendar view
  7. Calendar events - Each calendar entry/event denotes either:
    • For active IIQ Certifications: Certfication Due Date
    • For upcoming/unscheduled IIQ Certifications: Certfication Start Date

Color Coding

Regatta Governance Calendar events are color-coded to allow auditors and users to quickly, and easily, identify the state of active or upcoming certifications. The following color-coding key is also provided below the Governance Calendar for easy reference.

Blue –Certification has officially closed all phases, marked as complete.

Orange –Certification has entered the final seven (7) days of scheduled active and challenge phases.

Red –Certification has completed the active phase, now in remediation.

Black –Certification has not yet been activated.

Green –Certification is in the active phase which has not hit any escalation milestones.