What is Identity Management AI?

Organizations struggle to keep pace with the rapidly growing number of unauthorized users – internal and external – that seek access to their systems and want new ways to combat this digital threat. One answer is artificial intelligence. Automating the identity access process using AI (machine learning, deep learning) gives administrators the capability to spot identity fraud in real time, ensuring that users have access to only the data and applications they need. By using AI, the process is more efficient and accurate with the software ‘learning’ user behavior over time, saving time and improving results.

How Identity Management AI is Changing the Approach to Digital Security

While AI in IAM is still an emerging technology, now is the time for IT departments and security professionals to evaluate how integrating AI into their environments can optimize their identity management environment (Forrester, 3/18). With automation like biometrics, many administrators’ tasks can be handled by machines that will communicate with one another and learn over time. AI also has the potential to deliver real time security beyond biometrics, providing a deeper level of access control. This could include using sight, sound, behavioral factors and risk analysis.

Regatta Advancing Identity Management AI

Regatta understands the importance of artificial intelligence in developing a comprehensive strategy for protecting your digital assets. Our architects can help you find ways to leverage AI in your environment to automate tasks, reduce unauthorized system access and limit the risk of fraud. Through partnerships with leading Identity Management AI vendors like SailPoint, Regatta can help you define where AI would be most beneficial to further safeguarding your IT environment. See how value-added Identity AI products from SailPoint are helping meet customers' identity management needs.