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Lifecycle Services


The Agile Approach

Regatta has designed our delivery methodology around the principal of Iterative Lifecycle Services (Agile based) through our Rapid Deploy Solutions. This simply implies that regardless of the size of the IAG Program or where you are in the lifecycle, Regatta can step in and help quickly.

Customers should always prioritize the need to plan over the need to deliver something quickly but we realize this isn't always reality, the demands of the business sometimes trump everything. In order to go quickly, without losing sight of the end goal, planning success is often a factor of quick wins in an iterative approach with tightly aligned services deployment.


Solution Strategy and Design

The path from A to B is rarely a straight line in IAG. Regatta's methodology has been built with insight from thousands of projects and IAG programs globally. Our best practices and lessons learned help customers articulate a strategy that works, avoid costly mistakes in the process, mitigate unforeseen risks, and deliver value to the end customer effectively. Regatta provides the GPS and navigation for your IAG program.

If you're looking for an experienced IAG advisor or would like to have one of our principal IAG architects discuss an issue or business challenge you may be facing please Contact us


Implementation and Configuration

IAG software vendors have created products that are flexible with robust workflow, rules and scripting languages to meet the needs of your IAG program. However, with the flexibility there is a trade-off in increased complexity. The learning curve for seasoned SME's can be steep with the path to proficiency requiring classroom training, shadowing and reverse shadowing on multiple customer engagements. The entire process can take months for a single SME to complete. Due to the complexity of the business challenges it is often difficult for a customer to adequately train team members through the first few phases of an IAG Program. To that end Implementation teams are usually a blend of vendor,  partner and customer team members.

Regatta hires and provides a robust training program for our team members to continuously improve our skills across a number of vendors. 

Regatta provides full service solution implementation and configuration, please see our partners page for more details on the vendors we currently support.


Operational Support

The end of a IAG program does not exist. These type of programs only transition from project related delivery activity to a continuous state of change and operational support.  Your team needs time to be trained and to become familiar with how to support the overall solution which is often specifically configured for your environment. It is also common for the operational support team, who will own and support the solution, is not the team that implemented or owned the project. Therefore training beyond the scope of the project is something that typically cannot be achieved in early IAG program phases.

Regatta understands how to provide the critical ongoing operational support your team needs.  As each phase transitions from an implementation project to an application within the organization the more operational the model becomes. It is critical there is a team in place that can step in and fill gaps while internal team members become more proficient.


Rapid Deploy Solutions

 Identity Access Governance Workshop

Where do you start? Do you have a set of business initiatives coming from your leadership team and need a way to map them to a specific plan with technology, timelines, measurable outcomes and cost?

Regatta's IAG Workshop is likely a great place to start. Our domain experts can assist you in developing a strategy, road-map, implementation plan with phases mapped to business outcomes, architecture and much much more.

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Migration Assessment

Thinking about making a product change or is your product being EOL'd?  How will it impact your business and what does it mean to your risk profile? Will you lose functionality your customers depend on today?  What is the best way to structure the transition?

Regatta's team of architects can help you build a solid evaluation of any proposed migrations as well as lay out a strategic plan for getting there.

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IAG Health check Assessment

Is your identity and access governance program delivering what your business needs?  The IAG health check is performed by our top level architects, customized to address the specific needs of your company based on your current and desired state.

Our team will work with yours to determine where you are in line with industry best practices where your greatest opportunities lie and  how to get there.

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