Regatta offers on-premise solutions that are completely customized to meet your identity management needs. With an extensive partner offering, we help provide the processes, applications and support to manage your identity requirements in a complex IT environment. This is an ideal solution for those organizations that have dedicated resources to leverage in safeguarding their digital assets. Save time, money and resources by utilizing Regatta as your primary integrator.


Identity Management AI

With identity fraud on the rise, new technologies will ensure that organizations keep pace with the growing demands of secure user authentication. One of these transforming technologies is artificial intelligence. Identity management AI reduces identity risk and vulnerability while automating certain user activities and improving efficiency. Regatta can help your business understand how an AI solution fits into your overall IAG strategy. Learn more on how artificial intelligence will revolutionize identity management.



If your identity management program requires the flexibility and scalability to adapt quickly to changing business requirements, Regatta can help. We’ll ensure that your organization makes no compromises when it comes to security, compliance and risk management. And with a cloud solution, we’ll also help you protect your IAG investment, optimizing your solution for growth, as your company’s needs change.


Data Governance

Any organization that manages large amounts of data must have a thorough, well-designed data governance strategy to secure one of your most important assets. The Regatta team can help you define that strategy and put the policies and processes in place to protect the integrity of your data and the access to it. We’ll help you reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your data, ensuring better compliance and reducing the overall costs to your business.


Privileged Access Management (PAM)

As your organization grows and your IT infrastructure becomes more complex, providing the right privileged access becomes a challenge. With system access including employees, outside contractors and remote users, your vulnerability to unauthorized use increases significantly. Giving the right people the right access at the right time is essential to avoiding unauthorized admission and intrusion into your system. Regatta understands the requirements for implementing an effective PAM solution.